The Language Technology Supplier Survey
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Earlier this month, the European Commission launched the 2024 Language Technology Supplier Survey as part of their Market Study on Language Technologies. The study aims to assess the development, quality, and impact of language technologies with special emphasis on the European market. The survey seeks to evaluate language technologies from the supplier side and provides an opportunity for LT suppliers to put their solutions on the global map. It remains open until February 23 and we want to encourage suppliers to contribute their valuable insights

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The Language Technology Supplier Survey

The European Commission's Market Study on Language Technologies is a landmark research project aimed at assessing the level of development, quality, and impact of language technology globally and in Europe. The overall goal of the study is to raise awareness about language technology and its potential, helping relevant stakeholders and investors to get an accurate and up-to-date view of market needs and trends. 

The study will provide answers to key questions such as the definition of language technologies, the current state of development, anticipated future advancements, the key actors shaping the field, the balance between supply and demand, and the availability of language technologies across the 24 official EU languages.

Global research and consulting company Nimdzi Insights is partnering with the Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content, and Technology of the European Commission (EC CNECT) on a two-year-long project to map existing language technologies and actors in this field. The goal of this project is to enable access to information on language technology to a wider public and, by doing so, foster the growth and uptake of language technologies in Europe and across the globe.

As part of the study, Nimdzi will organise a series of online events that will reunite participants from across the spectrum of language technologies, from buyers to those providing it.

Participants in the survey will be invited to attend these conferences, where they will have the opportunity to actively engage with other industry actors and ask questions of both the study's creators and representatives from the EC CNECT. The first conference is planned for late May.

We strongly encourage all suppliers in the language technology field to participate in the survey, which remains open until February 23.

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