Developing an agenda and a roadmap
for achieving full digital language
equality in Europe by 2030


On this page we will announce and document events organised by the ELE project or events in which ELE plays an active role.

ELE Kick-off Meeting

On 15 January 2021, the European Language Equality project was kicked-off in a virtual meeting. About 80 participants from the total of 52 consortium partners attended the meeting which was opened by Aleksandra Wesolowska (European Commission, Project Officer of ELE). The consortium includes research institutions and industry partners as well as a number of NGOs.

Coordinated by Andy Way (Dublin City University and ADAPT Centre) and co-coordinated by Georg Rehm (DFKI), the project aims to develop a strategic agenda and roadmap to ensure the establishment of digital language equality in Europe by 2030. As the META-NET White Papers (published in 2012) have shown, there is a drastic imbalance in language technology support across Europe’s languages: a good range of technologies and resources exist only for English, with little or no technological support for most other European languages. This fact has been investigated in more detail in various reports and studies since 2012. In September 2018, in a resolution which passed with a landslide result of 592 votes in favour, the European Parliament expressed that the European Commission needs to intervene.

The ELE project is an important first step towards achieving digital language equality. ELE will cooperate closely with the European Language Grid project and initiative (ELG) as well as with various other projects and initiatives. Both ELE and ELG will be concluded with a joint META-FORUM conference in June 2022. At this event, the main results of ELE will be presented. It also planned to hand the strategic agenda over to representatives of the European Institutions.