Developing an agenda and a roadmap
for achieving full digital language
equality in Europe by 2030


Work Package 1: European Language Equality – Status Quo in 2020/21
D1.1 Digital Language Equality – preliminary definition DCU March 2021 25 pages
D1.2 Report on the state of art in Language Technology and Language-centric AI UPV/EHU September 2021 71 pages
D1.3 Digital Language Equality – full specification of the concept DCU January 2022
D1.4 Report on Basque UPV/EHU February 2022
D1.5 Report on Bulgarian IBL February 2022
D1.6 Report on Catalan BSC February 2022
D1.7 Report on Croatian FFZG February 2022
D1.8 Report on Czech CUNI February 2022
D1.9 Report on Danish UCPH February 2022
D1.10 Report on Dutch INT February 2022
D1.11 Report on English USFD February 2022
D1.12 Report on Estonian UTART February 2022
D1.13 Report on Finnish UHEL February 2022
D1.14 Report on French CNRS February 2022
D1.15 Report on Galician UVIGO February 2022
D1.16 Report on German DFKI February 2022
D1.17 Report on Greek ILSP February 2022
D1.18 Report on Hungarian NYTK February 2022
D1.19 Report on Icelandic SAM February 2022
D1.20 Report on Irish DCU February 2022
D1.21 Report on Italian FBK February 2022
D1.22 Report on Latvian IMCS February 2022
D1.23 Report on Lithuanian LKI February 2022
D1.24 Report on Luxembourgish LIST February 2022
D1.25 Report on Maltese UM February 2022
D1.26 Report on Norwegian LCNOR February 2022
D1.27 Report on Polish IPIPAN February 2022
D1.28 Report on Portuguese FCULisbon February 2022
D1.29 Report on Romanian ICIA February 2022
D1.30 Report on Slovak JULS February 2022
D1.31 Report on Slovenian JSI February 2022
D1.32 Report on Spanish BSC February 2022
D1.33 Report on Swedish KTH February 2022
D1.34 Report on Welsh BNGR February 2022
D1.35 Database and dashboard with the empirical data collected in D1.4-D1.34 ILSP April 2022
Work Package 2: European Language Equality – The Future Situation in 2030
D2.1 Specification of the consultation process including templates, surveys, events etc CUNI April 2021 37 pages
D2.2 Report from CLAIRE ULEI February 2022
D2.3 Report from CLARIN CLARIN February 2022
D2.4 Report from LT Innovate CRSLNG February 2022
D2.5 Report from META-NET CUNI February 2022
D2.6 Report from ELG DFKI February 2022
D2.7 Report from ECSPM ECSPM February 2022
D2.8 Report from EFNIL EFNIL February 2022
D2.9 Report from ELEN ELEN February 2022
D2.10 Report from LIBER LIBER February 2022
D2.11 Report from NEM ERSCM February 2022
D2.12 Report from Wikipedia WMD February 2022
D2.13 Technology deep dive Machine Translation TILDE February 2022
D2.14 Technology deep dive Speech Technologies HENS February 2022
D2.15 Technology deep dive Text Analytics and Natural Language Understanding EXPSYS February 2022
D2.16 Technology deep dive Data SWC February 2022
D2.17 Report on all external consultations and surveys CUNI March 2022
D2.18 Report on the state of Language Technology in 2030 CUNI April 2022
Work Package 3: Development of the Strategic Agenda and Roadmap
D3.1 Report on existing strategic documents and projects in LT/AI UPV/EHU March 2021 41 pages
D3.2 Strategic agenda including roadmap – initial version DFKI March 2022
D3.3 Report on the final round of feedback collection UPV/EHU May 2022
D3.4 Strategic agenda including roadmap – final version DFKI June 2022
Work Package 4: Communication – Dissemination – Exploitation – Sustainability
D4.1 Promotional materials and PR package DFKI March 2021 23 pages
D4.2 Communication and dissemination plan DFKI June 2021 45 pages
D4.3 Report on EP/EC workshop DFKI June 2022
D4.4 Report on ELE conference DFKI June 2022
D4.5 Strategic agenda and roadmap (print and online version) DFKI June 2022
D4.6 ELE book publication DFKI June 2022