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for achieving full digital language
equality in Europe by 2030

Open Call for SRIA Contribution Projects

ELE Project Board selected nine SRIA Contribution Projects.

The ELE open call for SRIA contribution projects was closed on 29 November 2022. In total, 36 project proposals by 24 different applicants from 15 countries were accepted for evaluation. All proposals have been evaluated by two independent experts from the ELE Project Board for Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP) actions. The Project Board selected nine projects with a total grant amount of EUR 185,000. The selected projects will receive funding amounting to 90% of the eligible costs, i.e., EUR 166,500 in total.

Congratulations to all successful applicants and many thanks to all who have submitted a proposal. All applicants will receive a brief feedback on their project proposal on the ELE open call submission platform in the upcoming weeks.

If you are interested in the open call and would like to get more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Organisation Project Title Country Funding awarded Final Report Video
Tilburg University NGT-Dutch Hotel Review Corpus Netherlands EUR 18,676.80 Link Link
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences European LT Domains 2023 Croatia EUR 19,350.00 Link Link
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Computing facilities for LT Croatia EUR 19,350.00 Link Link
Factoría de Software e Multimedia, S.L. (imaxin|software) A BLARK for minority languages in the era of deep learning: expertise from academia and industry Spain EUR 21,961.80 Link Link
Balidea Building E2E spoken-language understanding systems for virtual assistants in low-resources scenarios Spain EUR 22,500.00 Link Link
Universiteit Gent Multilingual and Mixed Language Data for Inclusive Speech Technology Belgium EUR 7,382.70 Link Link
Pangeanic Generation of a large speech corpus for Spain languages using Data Augmentation Spain EUR 17,774.10 Link Link
Institut for Bulgarian Language Prof. Lyubomir Andreychin Artificial Intelligence Data Kit 2030 Bulgaria EUR 20,790.00 Link Link
Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Romanian Academy Underrepresented speech dataset from open data: case study on the Romanian language Romania EUR 18,714.60 Link Link